About CCCS

Who we are?

CCCS – Centre for Community and Consulting Services is an educational training centre that was founded in 2008 at the British University in Egypt. It aims at developing individuals and organizations to prepare them to the dynamic business environment, through offering a number of training and consultation that aims at fulfilling the needs of the trainees.


Participate in the community development through educational quality offered to develop the workforce and organizations in Egypt.


To deliver specialized trainings and consultations aiming to boost the skills of trainees and organizations through the quality of the educational system.


  • To train and develop the workforce in Egypt through specially-designed courses for individuals and organizations.
  • To offer professional certification that aims at personal and professional development.
  •  To design and deliver specially-designed consultations for organizations.
  • To focus on developing the English Language in order to develop the Egyptian youth and society through certified programs.