• CCCS is in partnership with  Industrial Training Center- ITC and Industrial Modernization Center- IMC.
  • Industrial Training Council – ITC:pic_52_itc_logo (1)

The Industrial Training Council is aiming to supervise and coordinate all vocational and technical training activities related to the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade to increase their efficiency, link them to the real needs of different industrial sectors and maximize utilization of available resources.


  • Industrial Modernization Center – IMC:

The Industrial Modernization Centre is the leading Egyptian Development Agency for Industry contributing to Competitiveness, Economic growth, Export growth, Employment, Poverty Alleviation and Gender Equality. Its objective is to support all industrial enterprises, individually or by sector, according to their development needs, through comprehensive and customized business competitiveness programmes.




  • Registration Procedure

Any company that is willing to register as a client for CCCS through ITC:

Is kindly requested to send CCCS the following documents:

1) Copy of the “client request” that is sent first to the ITC.
2) Copy of each trainee’s updated social insurance.
3) Copy of each trainee’s National ID
4) 2 personal Photos of each trainee

Step 2:
A sub contract will be signed between the company (client) and CCCS.

Step 3:
CCCS is responsible for holding the placement test (additional fees 80 LE) then issuing the training confirmation letter that should be handed to the ITC by the client.

Step 4:
The client should hand us:
1) A copy of the receipt or the client cost share that will be given by the ITC.
2) A copy from the LOC