The Centre for Community and Consulting Services at The British University in Egypt is offering a Marketing Fundamentals and Social Media Marketing Course with the following details:

  • Course Content:
    “Marketing Management”:
    • The History of Marketing from the beginning era to the inbound Marketing age.
    • The difference between “Need, Want & Demand.
    • Overview about the Marketing Research & Its Steps.
    • Segmentation, Targeting.
    • Differentiation & Brand Positioning.
    • The Marketing Mix “4p’s”.
    • Promotional Mix.
    • CRM & Its Role.“Social Media Marketing”:
    • Digital Marketing types.
    • Social Media Marketing & its importance.
    • Social Media Analytics & Insights.
    • Facebook & Instagram Algorithm.
    • Social Media Listening & Mentoring.
    • How to create Social Media Marketing Plan from A to Z.
    • How to set your Social Media Objectives & set your KPI’s.
    • How to analyze your Competitors online.
    • Social Media Rules “Do & Don’t”.
    • How set a Monthly Social Media Calendar.
    • Social Media ROI.

    “Content Marketing”:
    • What is Content Marketing?
    • The Importance of Content Marketing to your Business.
    • Types of Content.
    • Content creation, content curation and content repurposing.
    • How to write a Selling & Catchy content that increases your Conversion rates & your Company Sales.
    • The difference between Target Audience & Buyer Persona.
    • How to identify the right Buyer Personas for your Business.
    • How to Create a Buyer Persona Sheet.
    • How to get content ideas for your business.
    • How to create content Marketing strategy.
    • How to use News & Trend jacking Techniques.

    “Social Media & Facebook Advertising”:
    • Facebook Business Module.
    • Campaign Objectives.
    • Facebook Targeting.
    • Ad Placement.
    • Ad Budget & Schedule.
    • Ad Bidding.
    • Ad Optimization.
    • Ad Formats.
    • Campaign Analysis and breakdown.
    • How to measure your Campaign ROI “Return on Investment”.

  • Course Duration:
    42 hours, 6 hours/session on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Course Fees:
    2,800 LE (Including Transportation, Materials and Certificate).
    (ask for the discounts details)
  •  For Registration:
    Kindly visit us in the Centre of Community and Consulting Services at the British University in Egypt, the Extension of (Building E, Room 13).
  • For any questions please contact us:
    (From 9:30 am4 pm)
    Mobile: 01069803230 – 0129293777
    Tel: (202) 26875890, Ext:1060
For the General English Courses, Kindly note a certificate will be issued by the end of each band.
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